do you want to pass matric?

Do You want to Pass Matric

The Official South African Matric Guide.

Finally, a complete matric guide that will help you pass matric with flying colours. Packed with easy-to-use hints and tips, access to previous exam papers and loads of video lessons by qualified teachers.
A must-have for all those studying matric.

This Bright Eyes Matric Guide is designed to give every student a better chance of achieving top marks when writing exams. Includes hints and tips on how to approach your matric year and how to prepare for exams. Included is vital information on how to use the simple step-by-step access to hundreds of past exam papers and how to link to stacks of CAPS aligned video tutorials delivered by professional tutors.

Once you have this book in hand, you won’t believe how easy your matric year will become.

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Do You Want To Pass Matric

Following the process of Teacher-in-my-pocket, this print/digital product offers the following:
• INSTANT ACCESS to thousands of videos and PDF past papers
Each subject is illuminated by lesson specific video and PDF support for
definitive exercises

The focus is on MATRIC and on providing the right tools for the best results with instant mobile or tablet access to the best of DIGIMAG TECHNOLOGY + MINDSET LEARN video tutorials + DBE past paper PDF files.