Teacher In My Pocket- Mathematics

300 pages of concise, preparatory revision notes.

The Mindset Learn Exam Workbooks contain over 300 pages of concise, preparatory revision notes, exam papers & their solutions. Each question has mark and time allocations for a realistic examination experience to test your knowledge & practice your skills.Use the completed solutions to check your working & answers to make sure you are on the right track. Each Chapter will provide you with an intensive revision program of the official South African CAPS curriculum for Accounting, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.

The revision material contained in this workbook has been paired with easy-to-access video lessons presented by expert teachers. Each video lesson has been carefully selected from Mindset Learn’s television programming & placed at the start of the appropriate chapter in the workbook. To access these lessons simply use a QR Code scanning app of your choice or enter the URLS provided directly into your browser.

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*Please Note – Preview is only 16 pages of the 300

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